Cosmetic Surgery

India is one of the most preferred countries for people who want to opt for Cosmetic Surgery. In fact, the treatments that people can avail here are not just the best but also economical. Indian cosmetic surgeons use state of the art technology and the latest equipment. Getting a Cosmetic Surgery here is a true value for money.

Orthopedic treatment

From treating a simple injury to even undergoing the most complicated procedures, there are a variety of orthopedic treatments and services offered in India. You will get a rare opportunity of availing yourself the best treatment from the best names in the industry.

Cancer treatment

Cancer is known to be one of the most dreaded diseases in the world. We have special Cancer hospitals that will provide you with a variety of services. The best thing is that you can undergo these treatments without burning a hole in your pocket.

Dental care and advanced dental treatments

Your search for any kind of dental treatments ends here. We have tie-ups with the best dentists and dental surgeons of the country. Affordable prices, professional services, advanced equipment, and practices are all that you can expect when you opt for our services.

Ophthalmology treatment

The eyes require special care. And what could be better than having an Ophthalmologist, who is not just qualified for the job, but also a healthcare professional who can give you the best treatment. From surgeries to laser treatment, the international standards and practices would be available to you at budget-friendly prices.

Organ transplant

Our Indian doctors can take on even the most complicated cases and do justice to their job. With lower procedure cost and the best medical services, you can rest assured that you would be in the right hands.

Spine and Neurosurgery

The Spinal and Neurosurgery treatments that India has to offer are the best in the world. The packages that we offer for such treatments include quality services and treatments along with an economical pricing factor.

IVF, IUI and Surrogacy services

Give yourself a chance to bring in a new life with our IVF and IUI services. In case you need help to conceive the apple of your eye, you can always opt for our Surrogacy services. We offer the best services for couples who are looking for ways to bring in a new life and who cannot do it naturally.

ENT treatments

We have ENT specialists for Reconstructive surgery, Cochlear implants, Sinus Endoscopy, BAHA surgeries and the list can just go on. Every treatment is done under the watchful eye of an expert, and our professionals have an extremely high rate of success.

Heart and Cardiology treatment

When it comes to the heart, you cannot make any compromises on the quality of the treatment that you want to opt for. At Medtour Experts we provide you with personalized care and medical equipment that are of global standards.

Advanced medical treatment

Looking for advanced medical treatments at cheaper rates? Search no more. You can always let us know what you are looking out for and we will arrange it for you. Our Hospital Partners have all the equipments required to efficiently handle any kind of medical emergencies. Our standards are at par with the best post-treatment services that you will find globally.

Bariatric and Weight loss treatment and therapies

The most common and fast catching problem, obesity is the root cause of a variety of health concerns. Well now, you can finally say goodbye to this problem with efficient weight loss treatments and therapies. You also have the benefit of opting for specialized weight loss surgeries at your disposal.
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