Top Five Indian Medical Tourism Trends for The Future

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Tourism in any form plays an important role for the overall economy and development of a country. Over the years, India has evolved and grown in many ways. Today, the country is not only known for its rich culture and traditional medical practices, in addition, it is also known for its modern healthcare services and facilities. The medical tourism market in India is still growing. Nevertheless, the country has made its name and position as being one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world. Every year, the medical tourism in India comes up with new and better trends that helps to provide advanced healthcare services and facilities for 2020.

1. Alternate medicine becomes the biggest driving factor in 2020

India has always held one of the strongest reputations of being one of the pioneer countries in Alternate medicine. Treatments like Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda have attracted foreigners since the ancient times. Although these traditional treatments are practiced worldwide, but nothing can stand up to what is found in the country. In 2018, experts have predicted that Alternate Medicine will be one of the biggest contributors to the Indian Medical Tourism industry/market.

2. Setting up Telehealth services and facilities is also in the pipeline

In this era of Digitalization, India as a country offers a wide range of health-centric services and facilities. One of the key developments in the country is the introduction of a wide range of online services or web-based facilities like online consultations and health applications for smartphones. Medical institutions across the country are now digitalizing their services for inbound and foreign patients. Indian Doctors have already made their mark on International soil. Through digitalization, these doctors will be able to provide their services easily and help people across the world.

3. Dental tourism is equally gaining popularity in medical tourism India

While medical tourism in India has been establishing stable credentials; dental tourism is also thriving in the country. Indian dentists have been contributing in many ways towards the growth of dental tourism in India. In comparison to any developed country, the dental services and facilities are economically priced. From a simple clean up to complicated dental procedures, Indian dentists have all the necessary resources to handle any and all kinds of complicated and easy dental procedures and treatments.

4. Robotic Surgery will provide the additional hands needed

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery in India has gained popularity across the globe in the recent decade. India is not far behind in adapting this form of advanced medical facilities.  In India alone, there are close to 300 surgeons across the country that specializes in robotic surgery. They tackle the most complicated cases like organ removal and reconstruction, coronary artery bypass, removal or repair of damaged tissues due to cancer and other such complex surgeries easy. Experts have predicted that in the next few years, India will have a greater number of surgeons who will specialize in this front.

5. VR and AR to provide better assistance

Virtual reality and Augmented reality are two important technologies that are all set to hit the healthcare sector. While VR and AR have already established a standing, the roots of these technologies are now growing deeper into the healthcare industry.

A futuristic outlook

Going by the way the Indian Medical Tourism Sector is growing, in the next few years not only will the market boom even more. However, the number of medical tourists visiting the country will also increase. Although the sector is still growing as of today, but in comparison to any other growing market, the demand for healthcare services in India is gaining a lot of popularity.

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