The Challenges and Opportunities for Medical Tourism in India

the Indian Government is Boosting Medical Tourism
A Look at How the Indian Government is Boosting Medical Tourism
November 11, 2020
Challenges and Opportunities for Medical Tourism in India

The Indian healthcare sector has seen tremendous growth in the past five years. Even amongst established markets like the US and UK, India has managed to give a tough competition. While the market is still growing, let us look at the challenges and opportunities of medical tourism in India

Understanding the challenges for medical tourism in India

1. Growing Competition

quality treatment

India is known for its low cost and highly effective treatments and facilities. The country has a better advantage as medical tourists can avail of quality treatments at reduced and affordable rates. Keeping this factor in mind, many countries are becoming tough competitors with the country by coming up with attractive and lucrative offers and facilities. For example, Thailand offers medical treatments and provides various kinds of deals and discounts on wellness centric facilities for medical tourists who wish to see the country post their treatment.

2. Patient Safety and infection control procedures

India’s healthcare sector faces one of the biggest threats due to the lack of proper hygiene and lack of infection control facilities. While prominent and well-known hospitals take all the possible preventive and precautionary measures, the real question comes to small-sized hospitals and clinics. Many medical tourists have complained that they have had many issues with the cleanliness of the clinic. Sometimes, it is also the location of the clinic that makes patients rethink their decisions. The country has to work towards improving cleanliness and bring in stringent norms on this front.

3. Lack of aftercare service and follow up care

Since patients go back to their home country post their treatment, they often face many issues with the aftercare services and follow-up care. Sometimes, the problems can arise due to the timezones or the medical professional’s availability. Patients generally go back as soon as their treatment is done, which is why many of them have a tough time during the after-treatment phase. Complications, side-effects, and proper care are essential factors that cannot be overlooked. Once the patient goes back home, the responsibility of their health and well-being no longer remains in the hands of the Indian doctor or specialists.

A look at the different opportunities for medical tourism in India

1. Medical tourism is introducing better employment opportunities.

planning to invest

Although India has established itself as one of the best medical tourism designations, the market is still growing. People who are planning to invest in this market have better opportunities in store for them. For non-medical professionals, options like travel desks, health-centric accommodation service, language assistance, etc. are some of the most promising jobs. Similarly, the workforce and human resources are one of the biggest concerns the industry faces. With the introduction of new technologies, doctors and medical personals will learn the advanced procedures and treatments when they are in college itself. This will help them to provide better service to their clients.

2. The Depreciation of the Rupee

When you look at the conversion rates, the Indian rupee provides a better and added advantage, especially for foreign patients. The depreciation of the rupee against major western currencies like the US dollar or UK pounds has made the country a favorable location for medical facilities and services. This is also one of the reasons why medical tourism inIndia is at a rise.

3. Renowned and Internally recognized medical specialists

India is home to some of the best and internationally recognized medical experts. This gives medical tourists a chance to undergo their treatment with the country’s best names and the world. The long waiting time is reduced as patients can travel to India and avail the doctor of their choice.

A final note on challenges and opportunities of medical tourism in India

India is a country that is still growing in the medical tourism sector. Nevertheless, it has still managed to establish a solid ground even with the shortcomings within the industry. The Government of India is working towards improving the various challenges and opportunities that arise in the industry.

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