Medical Tourism Creating Better Business Opportunities in India

Factors that Favor Gurgaon for Medical Tourism
Different Factors that Favor Gurgaon for Medical Tourism
November 11, 2020
Latest Medical Tourism Trends in India
Latest Medical Tourism Trends in India to Watch Out
November 11, 2020
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Every year, thousands of medical tourists travel to India to undergo different medical and wellness centric treatments and facilities. The medical tourism sector in India is slowly becoming an established sector in the country. Medical tourists have been flocking to the country from various parts of the world. As the industry grows, it is also opening the door for different business opportunities in India. Let us look at some of the many opportunities that are contributing to the industry’s growth.

1. Healthcare service providers

Medical tourists come to the country in search of a reliable and economical healthcare service provider. The rise of the medical tourism industry also means an increase in the demand for healthcare service providers. As a healthcare personal, you will have various opportunities coming your way, from leading hospitals to private clinics.

2. Becoming a medical tourism facilitator and agent in India

Medical tourism facilitators and agents are like bridges. These are people who help patients find the right healthcare service provider within their budget. In medical tourism, such companies and individuals play a very important role. Some other responsibilities of such people include making travel arrangements, taking care of visa formalities, providing additional assistance to medical tourists, etc. You can work towards becoming one of the best medical tourism company in India by offering good quality and customer driven services.

3. Hospital travel desk services

Hospital travel desk services are one of the profitable business opportunities in India you can consider. Hospitals require additional help when it comes to services like visa extension, completing FRRO formalities, making customized accommodation arrangements, etc. Opening a hospital travel desk service is another profitable venture in the medical tourism industry in India.

4. Tourism and travel operators

Even in medical tourism, there is a need for travel and tourism operators across different cities of the country. Mediators like trave and hotel guides, transport companies, and travel agencies are hired regularly to handle the various needs of medical tourists. Facilitators sign up with local agencies to provide better service to medical patients coming to India. You can become the best medical tourism company in India

5. Medical Insurance companies and agents

Medical Insurance

In medical tourism, medical insurance plays a vital role, especially for international patients. Medical insurance helps to reduce the overall costs incurred for a particular treatment or procedure. You can choose to become a medical insurance agent and provide the support that medical tourists would need. Collaborating with medical tourism on a commission basis will help you to make more profits.

6. Becoming a registered nurse or home healthcare service provider

There is always a need for a home healthcare service provider or a registered nurse. This is one of the most in-demand professions not only for international but domestic patients as well. You would need to have good social skills, patience, and the willingness to travel if need be. Knowing a foreign language will also prove to be helpful.

7. Becoming a translator or a language assistance

Many patients who travel from various parts of the world may or may not speak English. A language assistant or a translator, as the name suggests, takes care of the language barrier. Learning one or many foreign languages will be helpful, especially in the medical tourism industry.

A final note on business opportunities in India

India’s medical tourism sector is growing every year, resulting in many jobs in the healthcare sector. Every entity within the healthcare and tourism sector plays a vital role in the Indian medical tourism industry. Good customer service, affordable packages and deals, and quality of service are just some of the various elements that customers look out for. The healthcare sector and industry does have a lot to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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