Latest Medical Tourism Trends in India to Watch Out

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November 11, 2020
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November 11, 2020
Latest Medical Tourism Trends in India

The Indian healthcare sector has seen a drastic change in the past ten years. It has grown, but it has also become of the most significant contributing factors for the Indian economy. The Government of India is considering various factors that will help increase the number of medical tourists. From proper city planning to introducing new policies and working towards enhancing human resources; let us look at some of the medical tourism trends in India to watch out for.

Upcoming medical tourism trends in India

1. Introduction of smart cities with better-equipped healthcare facilities

The introduction of smart cities by the Indian Government was a welcome move within the country as well. Smart cities offer better infrastructure and public services not only for the locals but also for international patients. Apart from that, the local governing authorities are also investing in skilled labor and cutting-edge technology in the healthcare sector. These initiatives help hospitals and healthcare professionals to provide better services. This will also help patients to undergo treatments with the best Orthopedic Doctors in India

2. Inception of new medical tourism India hubs within the country

As of right now, cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and Bangalore are known as the established hubs for medical tourism. On the other hand, cities like Ahmedabad, Goa, Coimbatore, etc. are also slowly gaining recognition for their medical services and facilities. In the next five years or so, the country plans to introduce more cities into some of the top designations for medical tourism in India. Through this initiative, medical tourists will have better access to some of best heart doctors in India.

3. Well-planned and adequately developed areas

Construction of new home building.

India is not only home to apartment complexes and skyscrapers but also to a lot of slums. The Indian Government is working towards reducing the number of slums by introducing proper buildings for slum dwellers. This initiative not only helps to make cities better but improves the traveling conditions for medical tourists. Well-planned and properly developed areas open the doors of better accommodations for long-time medical tourists who wish to stay in India until the end of their treatment.

4. Improvement of the healthcare sector and its infrastructure

The improvement of the healthcare infrastructure is one of India’s medical tourism trends to watch out for. The Indian Government is working towards introducing better facilities and launching various kinds of health insurance programs and healthcare policies. Apart from that, the governing authorities are also working towards the pricing of essential medicines.

Presently pharma manufacturers have the flexibility to decide the retail costs of medicines. However, now the Government is working towards introducing a pricing policy for pharma manufacturers. Through this effort, the prices of medicines will reduce drastically. This initiative will also become a contributing factor to the growth of medical tourism in the country.

5. Improvement of manpower and human resources

Manpower and human resources play a vital role in any industry. Even in the healthcare industry, the shortage of workforce is one of the biggest challenges. The Indian Government is presently addressing this situation and coming up with lucrative ways to bridge the gap. By 2030, the aim is to increase doctors, male health workers, and Auxiliary nurse-midwives.

Apart from that, the concerned authorities will also help Accredited Social Health Activists AKA ASHA workers. The aim is to ensure that instead of an incentive-based pay scale, they get a fixed remuneration.

A final note medical tourism trends in India

India is a country that has already been recognized as one of the best and affordable medical tourism destinations in the world. All the different factors that have a direct or indirect link towards attracting medical tourists are being considered.

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