How VR and AR are Transforming Healthcare in India

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VR and AR are Transforming Healthcare in India

The market for Virtual reality and Augmented reality in India is slowly growing. Experts predicted that by 2022 VR and AR will become an essential contributing factor towards Medical tourism in India. Large and big sized companies are investing in such technologies to provide better healthcare services and facilities. In India, the healthcare sector is undergoing drastic changes with the adaptation of new technologies. In this article, we will see how VR and AR are changing healthcare in India.

How VR and AR are changing healthcare in India?

The healthcare sector is looking for lucrative solutions that can help them overcome various kinds of challenges. VR and AR will provide better healthcare assistance and aftercare services, especially for senior citizens and physically challenged patients. These technologies are coming in handy in areas like physiotherapy, surgery, and so on. 

Different ways of how VR and AR are changing healthcare in India

1. Better training facilities for surgeons

Virtual Reality has added a lot of value to the training process for surgeons. Medical students have the benefit of watching live surgeries. This helps them to understand the entire procedure without struggling to see what is happening. Moreover, they also have the advantage of getting trained with the best doctors in India and abroad.

2. Reduces the healing time provides better cognitive rehabilitation

People with brain injuries find it very difficult to do day to day tasks. Earlier, a patient would have to undergo various tests and scans until the specialist could determine the exact cause. VR and AR help doctors to make quicker diagnostics and start with the necessary course of treatment. These technologies improve cognitive functions and help identify the exact cause behind problems and conditions affecting the patient’s decision-making abilities or memory loss.

3. VR and AR help in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia.

Virtual Reality based navigation tests help to diagnose and identify the various signs of Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia. This is helpful, especially since time is of the essence in the recovery process of such patients. VR also comes in handy for patients who are suffering from different kinds of phobias. In the next ten years or so, the plan is to increase the number of augmented reality healthcare facilities in India.

4. Enhanced cancer treatments and facilities through Virtual Reality

cancer symptoms

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases across the world. In recent times, the number of patients diagnosed with different kinds of cancers has increased tremendously. Indian doctors and Cancer specialists in India are introducing better cancer-based therapies and treatments with AR and VR.  Cancer patients often experience uncomfortable symptoms like anxiety, pain, nausea, and so on during their treatment. The introduction of such technologies helps enhance and improve the overall experience a patient has during his/her treatment. This is beneficial, especially in paediatric cancer cases. Many patients from across the world come to India to avail cancer treatments. VR and AR will make a significant contributiontowards the growth of medical tourism India.

5 Catering to mental health, especially depression

Depression has become one of the biggest concerns in the country that is known as a silent killer. With the help of VR and AR, mental health specialists will offer better treatment options. Experts state that by 2022 the healthcare sector will see a significant transformation with the introduction of advance AR and VR treatments and facilities. 

A final note on VR and AR are changing healthcare in India

Many hospitals are opening their doors towards different kinds of virtual reality services in India. Virtual reality and Augmented reality have transformed the healthcare sector in many ways. Today, patients can avail of better services and facilities as these technologies bring in ease during treatment. For healthcare professionals and upcoming medical experts, AR and VR play a vital role during the training process.

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