Different Factors that Favor Gurgaon for Medical Tourism

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Factors that Favor Gurgaon for Medical Tourism

Gurgaon is slowly catching up and becoming a part of the list of the most favorable cities for medical tourism in India. The city has not only changed drastically, but has become one of the most well-planned cities of the country. India has been working vary hard to provide better services and facilities for medical tourists.  Through this article, we will understand the different factors that favor Gurgaon for medical tourism

1. Home to top hospitals in India

Gurgaon is home to some of the most well-known hospitals in India. Some of them include Medanta the Medicity, Metro Hospital and Heart Institute, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, CK Birla Hospital and so on. In fact, many other hospitals and healthcare centers have set-up their base in city itself. Most of these city hospitals have been accredited by the Join Commission International and the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers.

2. Technologically advanced treatments and facilities

Another factor that attracts medical tourism Gurgaon is the advancement in treatments and facilities. Almost all of the hospitals located in the city are equipped to handle complicated and complex cases. This is because, these healthcare facilities have invested in technologically advanced equipment’s and devices. Given the fact that they have to cater to international patients, the hospital authorities are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to quality care. These efforts also include procedures like cosmetic surgeries, gastric bypass, knee replacement services in India and so on.

3. The availability of service apartments and accommodation options

accommodation options for long- and short-term stay

One of the biggest concerns that medical tourists have is the accommodation arrangements. Gurgaon offers various kinds of accommodation options for long- and short-term stay. From Service apartments to flat rentals within your budget, you can easily find accommodation without wasting too much of money. Although the city has even separate residential and commercial areas, you can still find accommodation that is close to where you plant to undergo your treatment.

4. Private and home care services and facilities

Another reason that favors Gurgaon for medical tourism is the fact that a medical tourist can hire a private nurse or health care personal. Medical tourism facilitators have partnered with local agencies to help provide additional services and facilities. Even in Gurgaon, you can find a maid, nanny or even a private nurse at economical prices. Whether it is an hourly wage or a fixed pay scale, you have the option to decide how to work things out.

5. Undergoing treatment with best doctors in Gurgaon

A doctor’s capability and experience play a vital role for a medical tourist. The very fact that they are travelling all the way from a different country on its own can be scary. Medical tourists want to undergo treatment from the best names in the industry. Gurgaon is home to some of the best doctors in the country who specialize in handling complicated cases. Some even travel to various other cities within the country to provide their services. These doctors also have international patients and provide their services abroad as well.

6. Low cost and economically priced packages

Gurgaon for medical tourism offers low cost and economically priced packages for medical tourists. When you speak to your medical tourism Gurgaon facilitator, you can ask them for the different deals and discounts that you may get when you come to Gurgaon for your treatment. Some of the packages also include the cost of your vacation post your treatment, the price of your accommodation and other such additional services that you may opt for. The medical tourism in India is truly growing as more and more cities are becoming well-equipped to handle the needs of medical tourists.

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