A Look at How the Indian Government is Boosting Medical Tourism

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November 11, 2020
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The Challenges and Opportunities for Medical Tourism in India
November 11, 2020
the Indian Government is Boosting Medical Tourism

When you talk about the benefits of availing medical treatment in India, there are various things that add up. Factors like quality standards on par with the International level, latest medical technologies and healthcare facilities, better healthcare services at lower cost are just some of the benefits that we can name. Through this article we will understand the different ways of how the Indian Government is boosting Medical Tourism.

Ways of how the Indian Government is boosting Medical Tourism

The Indian Government is addressing the various concerns and working towards the betterment and improvement of the infrastructure in different aspects to enhance the growth of medical tourism in the India. In fact, they have also ensured that medical tourists have a memorable experience while staying in India by putting in place stringent policies and laws for the safety and security of the foreign tourists. Initially, the tourist visa had certain restrictions which have now been removed.

This proves to be helpful for tourists who are coming especially from the Gulf countries which in turn help to boost the Indian Medical Tourism Sector.  Even the Visa-on- arrival allows a person to stay in the country for at least a month if they wish to avail any medical treatment or service in India. Moreover, medical tourists also have the benefit to travel with the country during their stay.

A brief look at the various treatments that medical tourists opt for and why

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While Alternative Medicine is an attraction magnet on its own; the Modern Medicinal practices and treatments like Knee and Hip Replacements, Cancer therapies and treatments, Ophthalmology treatments like eye surgery, Bone Marrow transplant and even Cariology treatments like Cardiac Bypass are some of the popular treatments that medical tourists opt for. Even advanced cosmetic surgeries and treatments attract a number of foreigners every year.  There are various reasons why medical tourists from various parts of the world come to India. Moreover, the availability of better treatment and services is another way how the Indian Government is boosting Medical Tourism.

If the cost of treatment in India is so less, then what happens to the quality of the treatment?

No doubt, if you look at the conversion ration of the cost of various medical treatments in comparison to US or Europe; it is a lot cheaper in India. But that does not mean that there is a compromise made to the quality of the treatment. Even when you look at the options of medicines and medication in the country, they are a lot cheaper than the rest of the world. In India, the system of the Patent works very well. There is no patent protection given which means that any drug that enters the market will already have a competitor standing by. To sustain the competition, manufacturers price their drug to as minimal as possible. Yes, this also means that some drugs do take time to hit the market; but they do, it is a different ballgame all together.

The use of technology in the medical industry

The facilities make it easy for the healthcare professionals to provide a wide range of advanced medical treatments.  Even medical tourists can avail these facilities when they come to India for their treatment. This is another reason why the medical tourism India is growing at a rapid pace. Technology is one of the biggest magnets that attracts medical tourists form different parts of the world. India has the biggest advantage that it provides low cost but highly advanced treatments. Now the country is slowly investing into various other aspects within the healthcare sector where advanced technology will be helpful for medical tourists.

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